Born and raised in urban Atlanta, GA, Zuri ignited her love for art and culture. Then transitioning to Chapel Hill, NC in high school, she found herself yearning for more diversity and contemporary culture in the local community, taking leadership through fashion soon after.

In 2015, she was hired as a store lead for a new vintage boutique in Chapel Hill where she was given the room to curate the store’s sound, clothing buys, and work environment. Soon becoming manager at 22 years old, she helped it become a local hotspot and regional example for thriving Southern businesses by and for young adults.

From there, Zuri began building her own vintage collection, and assisting with wardrobe, modeling, hair, and makeup for independent projects around the store.

In Spring 2018, she left her management position to pursue national independent styling and vintage sale with a vision for uplifting sustainability, accessibility, and diversity through fashion.

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